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Sep. 9th, 2006 | 05:40 pm

This is a commuinity for the girliest of girls!!! Please jump on the wagon!

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a day by day play...of my day?

Oct. 6th, 2005 | 05:10 pm
mood: content content
music: Boyfriend - Ashlee Simpson

Woke up, Early. Like early.

Sarah was late again. God! She is SO SLOW. lol.

So we got to school at 7:53 and classes start at 7:55, and my locker is on one side of the buliding and my class, on the other. You do the math.

Wasn't late because I managaed to defeat the laws of nature! Got a high five from Kevin. Wooo! Go Katie!

Took Algebra test, eeek. 99.99% sure I bombed it.

Went to Health, today we continued our 40 day discussion on suicide, I think, but I don't remember, really, it was to early.

Science, Took a vocab test, 15/20. God! For the record it's that stupid bitch Mrs. Cotter's fault, she just hates me because my dad fired her husband, and i'm GLAD! I hope they lived in poverty for a whole year. :P

Played War with Caleb Meir in Spanish, he won. He continued to brag about how he won for and extra 20 minutes. Hey, i'm not the one who's a Junior in Spanish 1. Lol. Poor Caleb. COURTNEY GREAVOU WAS BACK! YAAAY! Oddly, although I recently meet her, she is already a close friend. Speaking of Close friends, Sarah McMillian claims that it's all about me, because no one is as cool as myself. HAHAHA YEAH...I WANT TO GET THAT IN WRITING...

Went to Molly's house to get her lunch. IT WAS F*CKING COLD.

Uh...speaking of fucking cold? We all went down to the Ripon Drug area for the funeral procession of Andrew Wallace. It was...depressing. And cold. And Becca and Deanna stole Gina's brush.

Study Hall was mixed with the other won so Emily W was in mine today! Yay!

Advanced English, we watched a movie about Edgar Allan Poe, who married his TWELVE YEAR OLD COUSIN, HE MARRIED HER FOLKS! He was twenty- six at the time. And everyone he knew died from tubersculous, even his twelve year old cousin/ wife. All I could think was...EW? He had sex with his 12 year old cousin?

Chorus - my folder broke, haha. It broke! Goddammit!!! I had what, a million fucking papers in it? and it goes *splat* on the floor.

Civics - got a 2/10 on the vocab test but am still pulling off an A!!! how the hell does that work out?

After School - Stood outside with Gina, and, Ashley/ Molly, and some other cooler people. Adrian (styling a huge trench coat) actually said bye to us, which is weird, i'm surprised he knows us? Bleh. He must be in with Molly. Or maybe he has to be cool to us because were friends with Becca and Dee. The some semi- hot guy who lives near Molly started talking to us. Then Gina left. Then this chick came up to him and asked for a ride from this semi-hot guy who obviously didnt not want to give her one, lol!

Yeah, so that was my day so far. Exciting! Whats up for....tonight?!

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Aug. 31st, 2005 | 02:36 pm
mood: crazy crazy

awwwwwwww this layout is so cute!

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So thats what a "God" is!

Aug. 27th, 2005 | 02:17 pm
mood: bitchy bitchy
music: get happy - the happy people

school is starting really soon...well the hell with that!

i'm not in the mood to go back.

summer forever!!

finished Great Expectations...er...was there a point to that book?

if anyone got it tell me cuz it sure f*cked my mind up.

VMA's coming...yay!!

hehe my icon is really cute.

i can't read it but its still adorable.

makes me really wish i had a little kid. lol j/k.

but really...it's cute.

look at those eyes...AWWWWWWWW.

ok so im going on about some little cartoon character.

screw you...it's cute.

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(no subject)

Aug. 11th, 2005 | 01:46 pm
mood: complacent complacent
music: shake it off - Myriah Carey

Back in 1700 having the name Katie was a mark of the elite. It would have to be just Katie, not Kathren or any crap like that. Yah.

woohoo. i'm elite. bahahaha.

But your names probaly mean, like, God.

Specially Jaela..such a diffrent name. Must mean God.

I CAN'T GET THE MARIAH CARREY SONG OUT OF MY HEAD. *shake, shake, shake, shake it off... *

Tennis is pretty fun!! It would be more fun if i was as good as Cassie, Jessie, Emily or Becky but...hey!

I have a friend from England!! his name is Mike Mitchell and he won't. stop. im-ing me.


the dukes of hazzard = half a star/ 4 = sucked, but i knew it was going to suck so..

harry potter and the half thingy prince = 3 1/2/ 4, great but kind of depressing...

katie and gina's story = 8/ 4 = best story ever...if there was an oscar for best short story it would win.

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baby i'm back

Jul. 30th, 2005 | 08:50 pm
mood: cheerful cheerful
music: that song by the fallout boys

i'm back!! south dakota is boring never...go there.

jaela and jena YOU ARE COOL.

but not quite as cool....AS HOMER!!! my icon is the best.

life = boring

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(no subject)

Jun. 16th, 2005 | 07:22 pm
mood: dead dead
music: whatevers on my brothers x-box thingy

ahhhhhh my neighbors in the hospital. she's the annoying 8 or 9 year old...which is mean to say, but still...

she went to noah's ark and came home with a 105 degree fever.

so she's getting tested for cancers and stuff.

and me? I get to babysit her dog and mabye tonight her sister. :(

which i am NOT getting paid for, of course. i could have but my mom is all like, nooooo.


j/k: they'll be having finacial troubles as it is if she is positive for cancer or something...even though i dont know why because they're rich. i mean they have to be right? they live on our snooty ass street.

seriously i'd rather live in the ghetto then around these stupid.......people.

in other news: my mom is p'od because all her flowers died.

*Quote* "All my flowers are dying...why don't anybody elses??" *Unquote*

I think she should just kill everyones flowers...

she could be "The Bitch Who Stole Summer"



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(no subject)

Jun. 14th, 2005 | 01:17 pm
mood: sad, but kind of ok. sad, but kind of ok.
music: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous - GC (haha irony)


why are you moving hilary?!! and why aren't you taking us with you!!!!!? haha i forgot about half that stuff you said until i read that entry, and was like "oh yeah! i remember that! hahaah" (blain and rachel 4 ever!!!)

for some sweet stuff about the past 10 years check out hilary's journal.....gcfoufille.</span>





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Jun. 12th, 2005 | 02:16 pm
mood: pissy pissy
music: behind these hazel eyes - kelly clarkson

boating sucks.

i am sick!!!! that sucks...i wasn't sick ALL YEAR, and now i am. :(

all i can eat are milkshakes and ice cream. yeah the worst things for you. ever.

i had a strawberry milkshake. it was sooooo good!

me and gina are in advanced english now (like accelerated math or reading). we have to read a billion page novel...BEFORE school starts. who else is in on this?


kevin kostner called me but he hung up before i picked up the phone. :/ (don't call me kevin!)

wow. i feel really pissy right now.

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Jun. 9th, 2005 | 07:54 pm
mood: PMSish PMSish
music: She will be loved - Marooon 5

schools over!!

Yesterday: Went to a movie with Hilary, Gina, and Mallory. It was funny...

Today: Got up EARLY. Played tennis with Gina and Corissa. Then found Molly and she came and played for a while too. Until Andy told her to come home and clean.

I'm not going to Clayton's party...not matter how fun it will probaly be.

it's way to stormy.

two tornados by appleton!

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